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...... A Pleasant Working Environment ......



Hardware :
Raid 5 implementation
Alcatel CPU duplication (hot swappable)

Power :
Tata Libert UPS Supply
Backup to UPS
FCBC Battery backup

Power Backup

Auto Switching 60 KVA
Genset by F.G.Wilson

Investments in the latest software and hardware technology has always given Giltedge a winning edge


Giltedge Infotech Services Limited has sprawling space of 17,000 sq. feet with requisite state of art infrastructure for all the activities carried out by them.

Hardware :

Sun Enterprise 250 Workgroup Server
400 Mhz Ultra Sparc-II Processor, 27.3 GB HDD, 128MB RAM

Compaq Proliant 3000R Server
Cisco 2610 Router
Baystack 450 Switches
Alcatel 4400 IP ready PABX system
Compaq Deskpro EP
HP Net Server with 5 Pentium Nodes
High Speed Line Printers
High resolution/High speed Scanners
Lucent CAT 5E Structured cabling


Solaris 7
Oracle 7.3
SCO Unix ver 5.0
Windows NT 4.0
Novell Netware 4.1
Oracle Developer 2000
Oracle Programmer 2000
Visual Studio
Alcatel 4400 ACD

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