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Premier IT enabled service provider with decades of experience & expertise in all areas of Back Office operation

Excellent reputation for delivering voluminious back office services on a timely basis.

Access to skilled & trained human resources for quality service.

Comprehensive Infrastructure.

In-built redundancy features to ensure 100% uptime.

Dynamism and adaptabiliy.

Giltedge Infotech Services Ltd., formerly known as Ahuja Computers Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1985 and was initially involved exclusively in the business of data processing & capture on large scale. With the phenomenal groth of capital market, we have gradually shifted our focus in providing back office processing services to the major institutional players specializing in related areas. Over the years, we have steadily grown to become a major provider of Back Office services & have also diversified in providing differet types of value added services to its various clients mainly in the area of IT enabled services.

We have set up a STP unit primarily to provide IT enabled services to our off-shore clients. In order to firm up our foot print into international market, we have a wholly owned subsidiary in U.S.A under the name of DATAMATRIX TECHNOLOGIES INC.

We offers a variety of services to large organizations, banking & financial institutions, Broking houses, Stock Exchanges etc. who believe that non-core activities should be outsourced and handled by professional outfits like us, who specialize in that area of operation.

We have offered our expertise in providing :

A growth rate of around 100% p.a. for the last five years is been largely attributed to a trained and dedicated workforce, strict adherence to time schedules and a burning desire to strive for excellence.

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