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Call Centre :

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Our Call Center specializes in providing outsourced Customer Relationship Management services for a wide range of companies with live Customer Service Representatives (CSRs).  GISL Call Center's comprehensive solutions increases lifetime customer value by defining and applying customer database for targeted marketing efforts and at the same time handles their requests, enquiries pertaining to products & services of an organization. Our mission is to deliver excellent customer support for your business, both automated and live interaction, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and accountability.

It's a continuing challenge for companies to interact with their customers efficiently and effectively. This has only been magnified by the increased customer contact through the Internet. That's where GISL Call Center comes in. We help companies respond to customer inquiries quickly, leveraging the Internet, but still adding an intelligent human touch. We combine customer service with elements of marketing and sales, turning every customer interaction into an opportunity to maximize the lifetime value of that customer. As a result, GISL Call Center helps build profitable long-term relationships.

Our full-service focus, including latest technology, trained people and proven operational capabilities, gives our clients the freedom to focus on their core business.  From traditional help desk, to innovative product support, e-mail response, GISL Call Center has the solution. We have the right people, training and equipment to solve your order processing, support, and customer service needs.


Our Customer Services Representative

One of the keys to the success of  a business is excellent customer service. Our unique blend of people, technology, extensively trained, experienced Customer Service Representatives (CSR's) ensure your company is always responsive to your customers' needs.   Our CSR's are dedicated to representing your corporate philosophy. They are carefully selected, confident, courteous and communicative, with quality service as their top priority. We can assist your organization with all customer service needs.

Our CSR's, apart from being well trained in-house will also receive extensive and ongoing training on your company and its offerings, giving them the requisite input, which they need to give customers a first-class impression of your organization. We tailor our programs to meet your precise specifications. Aided by sophisticated software, CSR's guide your customers through each inquiry with concern frequently turning dissatisfied customers into advocates of your company.

Our CSR's ensure that your customers have access to immediate and accurate news about you and your products and services. Further, the information received by our CSR through live intereaction with your client can also be used by you for forecasting, product development and retooling of current offerings.

Not every customer inquiry can be resolved with a single phone call, you can be assured that even tough issues will be settled as fast as possible and to the complete satisfaction of your customer.



We have Alcatel 4400 IP ready EPABX System, which is a state of the Art Switch. It has E1 lines comprising of 2 mbps stream, running through optic fibre cable. It also has :

  • Hot swappable CPU
  • Voice Guided DISA
  • Voice recorder
  • Voice mail port
  • Call metering software
  • Modem for Remote Maintenance
  • Unlimited scalability
  • CTI/CRM/IVR and Web Compatibility


Our ACD handles the incoming calls, distributes them to the agents based on various algorithms. It also gives an option to the caller to leave his message in the voice mail, so that he can be called back.

Its features can be summarized as follows:
  • Multiple call handling teams
  • Common or Individual messages for each team
  • Distribution into two groups bases overflow
  • Fair optimized distribution of calls to agents
  • Advanced queuing with embedded voice guidance
  • Temporary withdrawal from the team
  • LED indication of a waiting call, an urgent waiting call or a call in dissuasion
  • Listen-in on calls handling conversations
  • On-screen view of ongoing operations
  • MIS reports of calls related Statistical Data

Talisma’s E-mail Management solution :-

We can also offer Talisma’s E-mail Management solution, to respond to your clients, interacting to the call through e-mail. Our e-mail solution has following unique feature :
  • Multiple Alias
  • Flexible Routing Rule
  • Rule-based assignment
  • Auto- Response
  • Customer Oriented features like personalized response, detailed history of a customer etc.
  • Productivity features like auto-correct, auto acknowledge, spell check etc.
  • Merge/Split cases/customers
  • Reminding feature
  • Statistical data for open, closed, pending, resolved and expired cases

Our call center is connected through Optic Fibre cable, to ensure speedy distortion free communication between the caller and the call center agents.
Further, we are using headset along with dialer of Plantronics , whose lightweight provides comfort & freedom coupled with quality voice reproduction assuring communication clarity.


Medical Transcription


We are a leading Medical Transcription Unit, offering over 98.5% accuracy of transcribed medical reports. Our transcriptionists have been trained extensively in the various disciplines of Medical transcription using training programmes from USA, which is comparable to the best available in the industry.

Our unique strenghts are :
  • Excellent quality
  • strict adherence to AAMT rules & client specifications
  • 12 Hour Turnaround Time
  • Confidentiality
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Trained transcriptionists

We undertake following types of transcription work (among others):
  • Progress Notes/Office Visit
  • History and Physical Reports
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Operative Reports
  • Consultation Reports
  • Medical Records, etc.
We utilize available tools ( spell checker, latest reference books, internet etc.) to enhance quality and productivity.  We normally employ the services of a medical doctor as proof reader to double check medical terminology, appropriateness of term use, consistency etc.These measures ensure the quality of our work.


Back Office Processing


We specialize in providing back office support services to Banks, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions, Large Indian & Foreign Broking Houses etc. These services include processing of all types of work including, but not limited to:-
  • Insurance claim
  • Physical & Demat Stock
  • New account opening for credit cards, Eletronic Securities trading and others.
  • Payroll & Personnel record keeping.
  • Document & Database management, etc.

The above are only the general description of our back office support capabilities. We provide comprehensive back-office support to our clients after analyzing their requirements in terms of manual and electronic processing.

We also provide skilled and trained human resources to facilitate operations at client’s site. These services Include :
  • Handling Inquiries & correspondence from customer’s pertaining to client’s operations.
  • Marketing support
  • Administering Internal updates & MIS including customer updates, etc.


Facility Management Services


We are a leading provider of Facility management services, wherein we provide total solution to our client’s operation. We develop the blue print of our client’s outsourced functions, evolve a plan and also implement the same to the total satisfaction of our client.

Among others, National Stock Exchange of India Ltd, a premier stock exchange in India, has retained us, for handling their entire Clearing Operations across the country.

The services included the following:
  • Receiving of Securities from the selling brokers, updating the database for the short receipt, processing the securities and delivering the same to buying brokers.

  • Receiving bad deliveries for correction, creating the full database and getting the deliveries rectified and returning them to the delivering brokers with the status being updated on the computer system.

  • Receiving company objection cases lodged by the brokers, creating a full database of such cases, checking the validity of lost benefits, getting the objection rectified from delivery brokers and return to the lodging broker after ensuring that the lost benefits are made good by the delivering broker.

The entire operation was manned, managed and run by us and we do not have a single occasion of disruption of service in the last 7 years of operation. The accuracy level has been over 99.99%.


Data Entry & Processing


In many cases, the most cost-effective solution for our client's data capture needs is traditional key and verify data entry services. Through systems developed over the past 16 years, we offer our clients an accuracy rate of 99.9% for all keyed and verified data.

Our policy on total verification of data and commitment to a 99.9% accuracy rate has been the most important factor in establishing our credibility with our clients.
As our reputation is based on accurate data and a strict adherence to deadlines, we would not and do not compromise on this issue.

Our philosophy is to employ a core staff of permanent data entry personnel who are able to process the repetitive workload and supplement these resources with temporary staff for peak periods and to meet strict deadlines.

Imaging & Indexing


In cases where storage and retrieval of large volumes of data is required, We offer a number of imaging and indexing solutions. Our experience ranges from large volume to simple file management systems.

The unique design of our scanner allows us to capture a wide range of single and multi-sided documents of various shapes and sizes. In addition, the utilization of high throughput, batch-oriented scanning software allows to capture a large number of images quickly and cost-effectively.

This versatility ensures that our document management solutions are not constrained by hardware or software and provides our clients with flexibility when choosing an image retrieval package.

Software Development


We develop software as per the specific requirement of our client. We have an in house team of software professionals who have already evolved the software for commercial applications for various industries.

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